Register for an A-G List

UC/CSU Extended Learning Programs

What is a UC/CSU extended learning program?

UC/CSU extended learning programs (ELP) serve high school students and offer college-preparatory courses that fulfill the A-G subject requirements for University admission. Such programs are affiliated with the University of California or California State University and be housed on/by a UC/CSU campus, research center, or system office.

A-G course list registration

Eligble UC/CSU programs can register for an A-G course list anytime during the year. If you register when the course submission period is closed, you will need to wait until the next course submission period opens on February 1 to begin submitting courses.

Before completing the registration form, programs should be ready to provide:

  • Basic demographic information
  • Proof of accreditation (official letter or certificate) as a supplemental education center/program from one of the UC-recognized regional accrediting agencies
  • Information about:
    • The program's goals
    • Criteria for student participation in your program
    • Criteria for your instructors
    • Plan for professional development for your instructors
    • How you issue grades and credits
    • How you evaluate and monitor the quality of courses

Extended learning program requirements

To qualify for an A-G reference list, an extended learning program must meet all of the below criteria:

  1. Be a regionally accredited supplemental education center/program that is affiliated of the University of California or California State University. As such, the program must be housed on/by a UC/CSU campus, research center, or system office.
  2. Have as an organizational goal: to better prepare students for university through rigorous high school curriculum.
  3. Offer high school-level curriculum that is taught by qualified instructors (i.e., credentialed teachers, certified professionals, UC- or CSU-employedinstructors or faculty).
  4. Describe a plan for professional development and/or training for course instructors to adequately prepare them to teach the curriculum.
  5. Issue letter grades for completed coursework and provide official transcripts/reports cards of credits granted and grades earned.
  6. Have in place a program evaluation process to monitor program/course quality and, as requested, provide program evaluation process and results to UC.

Maintaining a UC/CSU extended learning program A-G course list

To maintain an A-G course list, ELPs must:

  • Maintain at least one UC-approved A-G course on their A-G course list.
  • Undergo program review and re-certification by UC every 3 years.
  • Sign an agreement indicating that all of the eligibility criteria will continue to be met.
  • Maintain updated accreditation status.