Register for an A-G List


What is a program?

Programs are eligible to register for an A-G reference list if they:

  • Develop their own curriculum/courses
  • Sell or license their curriculum to be taught by a teacher or administrator within the local high school/district
  • Provide curriculum resources and professional development opportunities to schools that adopt their courses
  • Have agreements with at least two California high school districts to offer the program’s standardized curriculum

UC does not allow programs to supply their own course instructors for any courses on their reference list that are being used to fulfill the A-G subject requirements.

Program requirements

To qualify for an A-G reference list, a program must meet all of the below criteria, as outlined by UC faculty policy:

  1. Be a school district, county office of education, state department of education, public or private college or university, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, or a private company.
  2. Have as an organizational goal: to better prepare students for university through rigorous high school curriculum.
  3. Have standardized curriculum that is taught consistently from one educational site to another.
  4. Secure a letter of agreement, indicating intent to teach the standardized curriculum, from a head of school or district from across a minimum of two California high school districts.
  5. Describe a plan for periodic professional development and/or training for school-based instructors to adequately prepare them to teach the standardized curriculum
  6. Have an established structure and criteria to determine and define participating school sites offering the standardized curriculum, whether it is through a membership structure, a memorandum of understanding (MOU), a joint partnership agreement (JPA), or another structure that appropriately defines the respective responsibilities and relationship between and responsibilities of the curriculum provider and the school sites where the curriculum is taught.
  7. Have interaction and communication with participating schools, whether through regular meetings, site visits, conferences, advisory groups, email distribution lists, newsletters or other relevant channels.
  8. Have in place a program evaluation process to monitor program/course quality at individual school sites offering program courses and, as requested, provide program evaluation process and results to UC.
  9. Agree to provide to UC annually a complete list of participating/member schools offering its program courses, including any program evaluation notes that give UC clearer understanding of the impact of the program course offerings.
  10. Require the participating high schools to teach the course(s) on site or, if courses are offered online, require the schools to provide on-site mentors/supervisors.

A-G reference list registration

Eligible programs can register for an A-G reference list January 1 - May 31. This registration period ensures new programs have sufficient time to populate their reference list so schools, districts, and school networks can adopt any of those courses onto their A-G course lists before the UC application for admissions opens on August 1.

Before completing the registration form, programs should be ready to provide:

  • Basic demographic information
  • Two letters of agreement as specified in the program requirements
  • A sample course written in the same format as an A-G course submission
  • Information about:
    • The program's goals
    • Criteria used to determine high schools' participation in your program
    • Your regular communication with participating high schools
    • How you ensure curriculum is taught consistently across participating high schools
    • Plan for professional development for school-based instructors implementing your program's curriculum
    • How you evaluate and monitor the quality of courses at participating high schools