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Policy Announcement on Area C

As of October 2020, the University of California’s Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools (BOARS) approved a proposal from a UC mathematics and statistics faculty working group to update the mathematics (C) course criteria and guidelines for the 2021-22 school year and onward.

The overarching goals of the course policy revisions were to:

  • Clarify UC’s expectation for college-prep mathematics courses that will help students acquire specific skills to master the subject’s content and also gain proficiency in quantitative thinking and analysis;
  • Support the efforts of high schools to develop and implement multiple college-prep mathematics course options for students;
  • Encourage the submission of a broader range of advanced/honors math courses (e.g., Statistics, Introduction to Data Science) for area C approval.

For details of the policy changes, please visit the revised mathematics (C) course criteria and guidelines as presented on the A-G Policy Resource Guide.

For key highlights of the policy update and additional policy background information, please see the HSA email announcement on mathematics (C) update. [hyperlink to bulletin]

In delivering expanded high school math (C) course offerings, California high schools are providing students more opportunities to pursue the mathematics education most relevant to their academic and career aspirations. UC stands in partnership with PK-12 districts across the state to make bold changes in mathematics teaching and learning to support every student’s success.

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