Register for an A-G List

Online Course Publishers

Online course publisher requirements

Online course publishers are eligible to register for an A-G reference list if they:

  • Author their own curriculum.
  • Sell/license their online courses to be taught by a teacher/administrator employed by the local high school/district.
  • Rely on the student’s home high school to issue the online course grades and credits.

UC does not allow online course publishers to supply their own online course instructors for any courses on their reference list that are being used to fulfill the A-G subject requirements.

An online educational institution that operates as an online school and also sells/licenses its own curriculum must first register for an A-G course list as an online school before it can register for an A-G reference list as an online course publisher.

A-G reference list registration

Eligible online course publishers can register for an A-G reference list January 1 - May 31. This registration period ensures online course publishers that are new to the A-G Course Management Portal have sufficient time to populate their reference list so schools can adopt any of those courses onto their A-G course lists before the UC application opens on August 1.

Before completing the registration form, online course publishers should be ready to provide:

  • Basic demographic information
  • A course self-assessment against iNACOL standards for quality online courses
  • The URL to a working, public-facing website